Monday, April 13, 2009

Hypnosis for Fertility

Question asked me via Facebook:

Q: How can hypnosis help with fertility?

A: It's the whole mind/body connection. The mind is very powerful and can have a profound impact our our physical health. Just think of how you feel when you're depressed versus when you're happy. Here are a couple of other examples. I love to eat lemons...the sourer and juicier the better. Just hearing me talk about lemons gives my husband the shivers. For another example, there are people who hate fingernails on chalkboards so much that all you have to do is describe the action and the sound and they are writhing in discomfort. In both of those examples, the person with the reaction isn't actually tasting the lemon, or actually hearing fingernails on a chalkboard, but their bodies are reacting to it anyway. That demonstrates how powerful the subconscious is.

Hypnosis for fertility goes beyond just giving suggestions under hypnosis. There is a lot of guided imagery involved and often a lot of interactive work where we ask the subconscious questions and it answers back and we resolve issues that way. How does that help fertility? Well first and foremost it relaxes the woman. When women are trying to conceive and having difficulties, they get very stressed out, and it often overtakes their lives and sometimes damages their relationships with their partners. People are telling them to just relax but they find it hard to do. Do you know women who were told that they couldn't have children so they adopt a child only to get pregnant on their own afterward? I know of a few women who this happened to. I also know someone who had 2 children through IVF and then had a surprise third baby naturally. Some women too might have a subconscious block toward getting pregnant, being pregnant, childbirth, or being a parent. Sometimes that stems from past traumas such as abortion, miscarriage, sexual trauma, abuse as a child, or any number of reasons. Hypnosis will resolve those issues too.

It's not just for women who are trying to get pregnant naturally. Hypnosis helps create a sense of mind/body balance that helps them work with any steps along the way if they are getting medical assistance for conception. It also helps them deal with their disappointment and/or conflicted emotions should they find out that donor eggs, IVF, or adoption are the only options for them.